About Us (Me)

This site is created by Rick Battagline of BattleLine Games LLC. A Colorado based company with one employee... Rick Battagline (me). I'm currently looking for feedback and suggestions on this site as well as several others, including iCardGames.com and GameMug.com.

I am really looking forward to hearing from you, but here's a quick FAQ list:

Q: Can I buy advertising or links from your site?

A: I am not currently accepting new advertisers at this point. Please check back, I will update this page if that changes.

Q: Can we enter into a link exchange?

A: I am not currently exchanging links at this time. If you are a blog and would like to write an article that links to us, please feel free to do so and let me know. If I like the article I may link to the blog, but I'm not currently exchanging links for the sake of exchanging links.

Q: Would you consider an affiliate program?

A: I have no plans now or in the future to participate in any affiliate programs. I will change this page if that is no longer the case.

Q: How do I get more game credits?

A: Every time you visit a game on our web site you should be awarded more credits to play with. The more often you visit the more credits you will get.

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